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DAWSON GROUP LTD. >> Lifting Gear & Components >> G80 Alloy Hooks >> G80 Alloy Hooks, Grade 80 Sling Hooks, Connecting Links, Master Links, Swivel, Rings - China

G80 Products

G80 Alloy Hooks, Grade 80 Sling Hooks, Connecting Links, Master Links, Swivel, Rings - China

Product Name:G80 Products

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Dawson Grade 80 Products

G80, Grade 80 eye hooks, alloy fitting-self-Locking safety hooks, OFG hooks, sling hooks, clevis hooks, high tensile hooks, foundry eye hook

G80, Grade 80 Eye Grab Hooks, Clevis Slip Hooks, Slings Hooks, Lifting Hooks, Crane Hooks, Container Hooks, Swivel Hooks, G70

G80, Grade 80 alloy chain shortener link, Europen Type, Connecting Links, D Rings, O Rings, WEBBING SLING CONNECTOR ,OMEGA LINK,LONG OMEGA, G80 SPECIAL CONNECTING LINK,CLEVIS CHOKE LINK

G80 Lifting Swivel, Chain Swivel, G80 Swivel Rings, Lifting Eye Bolts, Forged Swivel

G80 master link, Grade 80 Weld on D rings China Suppliers


G80 Alloy Master Links, master links, grade 80 master links, alloy master links, lifting components.

G80 Alloy hooks, Grade 80 foged alloy hooks, eye hooks, clevis hooks, chain hooks, lifting hooks, crane hooks, lifting gearG80 Alloy hooks, lifting hooks, forged alloy steel hooks

DS022 G80 Barrel Hook

DS123 G80 Clevis Grab Hook

DS118 G80 Eye Slip Hook

DS115 G80 Eye Hooks

DS113 G80 Eye Hook

DS047 G80 Shank Hook

DS117 G80 Eye Slip Hook With Latch

DS279 G80 Clevis Welded Hook

DS276 G80 Clevis Hook YCT 08R

DS023 G80 G Hook

DS114 G80 Eye Slip Hook With Latch

DS268 G80 Swivel Hook With Latch

DS275 G80 Clevis Hook YCT08

G80 Alloy Hooks

DS046 G80 Agricul Ture Hook

DS041 G80 Chain Block Hook

DS020 G80 Italian Hook Din 689

DS385 G80 Shank Hook

DS262 G80 Eyg Hook

DS261 G80 Chain Block Hook

DS258 G80 Welded Hook

DS066 G80 G Type Hook

DS119 G 80 Forged OFG Hook

DS111 G80 Shackle Hook

DS106 G80 Welded Hook Light Type

DS088 G80 Eye Elephant foot

DS087 G80 Forged DV Hook

DS073 G80 Clevis Chain Clutch

DS072 G80 Sliding Choke Hook

DS071 G80 Tensile Hook

DS108 G80 Forged Alloy Steel Sorting Hook

DS040 G80 Swivel Hook With Latch

DS116 G80 Large Opening Eye Hook With Flat

DS116 G80 Large Opening Eye Hook With Flat

DS006 G80 Sling Hook With Connecting Link

DS050 G80 EuropeanType Security Hook ( TypeA)

DS100 G80 Australian Type Clevis Sling Hook

DS099 G80 Australian Type Clevis Grab Hook

DS098 G80 Italian Type Shank Hooks

DS097 G80 Italian Type Eye Sling Hook Carbon Steel

DS160 G80 Large Opening Eye Hooks With Flat

DS062 Triangel Hook With Safety Latch

DS368 G80 3040 Series Eye Hoist Hook

DS334 G80 European Type Eye Slip Hook

DS332 G80 Eye Slip Hook

DS331 G80 Eye Shortening Hook

DS327 G80 DIN7541 Eye Hoist Hook

DS317 G80 PWB New Type Shortening Hook

DS315 G80 French Type Eye Sling Hook With Forged Safety Latch

DS302 G80 New Type A-327 Eye Sling

DS291 G80 Special 320C Eye Hoist Hook

DS280 G80 Twist Eye Choker Hook

DS278 G80 HTK Hook

DS238 G80 Special Eye Hook With Safety Latch

DS232 G80 Eye Twisted Hook

DS228 G80 Heavy Duty Eye Hooks

DS225 G80 111-119S Eye Hook With Safety Latch

DS220 G80 Large Opening Eye Hook

DS141 G80 Special Eye Shortening Hook

DS103 G80 Eye Lashing Hook

DS065 G80 Italian Type Eye Shortening Grab Hook

DS063 G80 Eye Bend Hook

DS056 G80 Eye Sling Hook

DS025 G80 Hook For Special Use -

DS021 G80 Eye Hook With Cast Latch Germanic Type

DS018 G80 Eye Twisted Belt Hook

DS338 G80 Clevis Shortening Hooks

DS333 G80 Clevis Slip Hooks European Type

DS329 G80 Clivis Slip Hook With Safety Latch

DS313 G80 PWB New Type Clevis Shortening Hook

DS312 G80 GH Clevis Sling Hook With Safety Latch Heavy Duty Type

DS247 G80 Clevis Slip Hooks Italian Type

DS237 G80 Clevis Slip Hooks

DS142 G80 Alloy Special Clevis Shortening Grab Hook

DS104 G80 Clevis Sling Hook With Forged Safety Latch

DS064 G80 Clevis Shortening Gradle Grab Hook Italian Type

DS028 G80 Clevis Grab Hook

DS016 G80 Clevis Belt Hooks

DS490 G80 Swivel Self-Locking Safety Hook With Bearing

DS343 G80 Special Swivel Self-Locking Safety Hook Grade

DS336 G80 Eye Self-locking Safety Hooks

DS335 G80 Clevis self-locking Safety Hook

DS289 G80 Eye Self-Locking Hooks - Italian Tpye

DS248 G80 Clevis Self-locking Safety Hook Italian Type

DS236 G80 Long Body Clevis Self-locking Safety Belt Hooks

DS110 G80 Self-locking Round Slings Hook & Flat Web Coupler

DS077 G80 Eye Self-locking Safety Hook With Grip

DS011 G80 Shank Self-Locking Hooks U.S. Type

DS010 G80 U.S. Type Swivel Self-locking Hooks

DS008 G80 U.S. Type Clevis self-locking Hooks

DS008 G80 U.S. Type Self-locking Hooks

DS081 G80 Eye Self-Locking Safety Hooks - European Type

DS077 G80 Eye Self-Locking Safety Hooks - European Type

DS082 G80 Clevis Self-Locking Safety Hooks - European Type

DS078 G80 Clevis Self-Locking Safety Hooks With Grip

DS083 G80 Swivel Self-Locking Safety Hooks

DS007 G80 Clevis Swivel Self-Locking Safety Hooks-European Type

DS013 G80Eye Sling Hooks With Safety Latch

Eye Chain Hook With Integrated Latch

DS039 G80 Eye Sling Hook With Latch

Grade 80 Eye Grab Hook

DS027 G80 Eye Garb Hooks

DS085 G80 Eye Garb Hook

DS069 G80 Clevis Sling Hook With Latch - U.S. Type

DS014 G80 Clevis Safety Sling Hook With Latch

DS012 G80 Clevis Sling Hook With Latch

DS086 G80 Clevis Shortening Grab Hook

DS089 G80 Clevis Belt Hooks

DS017 G80 Alloy Steel Eye Belt Hooks

Grade 80 Alloy Steel Weld-On Hooks

Sliding Choke Hooks - Grade 80 Alloy Steel

DS026 80 Eye Choke Hook

DS024 G80 Alloy Clevis "C" Hook Type Hooks

Grade 80 Alloy Steel "G" Type Hooks

Grade 80 Alloy Steel Forged DV Link Hook

Grade 80 Alloy High Tensile Hooks

Grade 80 Barrel Hooks

DS015 G80 Alloy Steel Foundry Eye Hooks

Grade 80 OFG Hooks

Clevis Forest hooks - Grade 80 Alloy Steel

Grade 80 Blue "G" Type Hooks




G80 Alloy Links & Rings


DS407 G80 Opening Ring

DS406 G80 D Ring

DS404 G80 D Ring

DS403 G80 Forged Grab Ring

DS408 G80 Triangle Welded Ring

DS295 G80 Long Australian Ring

DS226 G80 Special H Link

DS235 G80 Link For Web Sling

DS048 G80 Twin Clevis Link

DS400 G80 Opening Ring

DS344 G80 D Ring With Spring

DS272 G80 Small Forged D Ring

DS270 G80 Clevis Reeving Link

DS469 G80 Shield Shape Ring

DS468 G80 Peach Shape Ring

DS137 G80 Belt Ring With Crosspiece

DS139 G80 Triangle Ring

DS136 G80 Forged D Ring

DS038 G80 Forged Round Ring

DS271 G80 V Link

DS478 G80 Swivel Connector

DS389 G80 Clevis Choker

DS356 G80 Double Clevis Link

DS260 G80 Eye Ring

DS249 G80 Chain Pedestal

DS070 G80 Clevis Elephant Foot

DS060 G80 Chain Rope Connector

DS101 Lifting Clutch

G80 Alloy Links And Rings

DS088 G80 Eye Elephant Foot

DS073 G80 Clevis Chain Clutch

DS479 G80 Bow Shackle

DS475 G80 Shackle

DS365 G80 Screw Pin Chain Shackles

DS364 G80 Screw Pin Anchor Shackle

DS363 G80 Bolt Type Chain Shackles

DS362 G80 Bolt Type Anchor Shackle

DS290 G80 Shackle

DS222 G80 Bow Shackle

DS122 G80 Round Pin Chain Shackle

DS121 G80 Round Pin Anchor Shackle

DS049 G80 Bolt Type Chain Shackle

DS487 WA-S Master Link

DS484 8007 G80 Master Link Assembly

DS483 8006 G80 Master Link Assenbly

DS467 G80 D Ring

DS467 G80 "D" Ring

DS454 G80 Forged Master Link

DS412 G80 U.S. Omega Link

DS0301 G80 Chain Clutch With Safety Device

DS321 G80 D Ring With Spring

DS243 G80 Clevis Container Link With Side Safety Latch

DS242 G80 D Ring With Wrap

DS241 G80 Clevis Pear Shape Reeving Link

DS240 G80 Clevis Choker Link

DS140 G80 Belt Ring Without Crosspiece

DS057 G80 Clevis Pear Shape Link

DS037 Forged Delta Ring

DS036 Forged D Rings

DS035 G80 Welded D Ring

DS034 G80 Forged Pear Shape Link

DS005 G80 Long Shape Omega Link

DS004 G80 Clevis Reeving Link

DS003 G80 Low Height Clevis Omega Link

DS345 G80 Germanic type Connecting Links

DS079 G80 Special Connecting Links

DS073 Grade 80 Chain Shortener Links

DS074 G80 Connecting Link, European Type

DS001 G80 Webbing Sling Connecting

DS002 G80 Alloy Steel Omega Link

Grade 80 Long Omega Link

Grade 80 Clevis Choke Links

G80 Connecting Links - Alloy Steel Chain Components

DS075 Grade 80 Connecting Links,U.S. Type A-336

DS076 G80 Connecting Links,U.S. Type A-337

Grade 80 Alloy Steel Clevis links

Grade 80 Stainless Steel Connecting Link








G80 Alloy Chain


Grade 80 Lifting Sling Chain Alloy Steel

Alloy Steel Lashing Chain Grade 80 Long Link





G80 Alloy Master Link


G80 Alloy Master Link

DS337 G80 Forged Master Link

DS285 G80 Master Link

DS388 G80 Clevis Master Link

DS497 G80 MT Master Link Assembly

DS496 G80 MTC Master Link Assembly

DS488 G80 WA-S Master Link Assembly

DS488 G80 WA-S Master Link Assembly

DS487 G80 WA-S Master Link

DS484 8007 G80 Master Link Assembly

DS483 8006 G80 Master Link Assenbly

DS454 G80 Forged Master Link

DS481 8004 MASTER LINK (WITH FLAT:DS482 8005)

DS337 G80 Forged Master Links

DS032 Master Link Assembly

DS096 G80 Master Link Assembly

DS095 G80 Master Link With Flat

Grade 80 weld on D-ring

Grade 80 Forged D-Ring

DS411 G80 EVM Series Germany Type Forged Master Link

Grade 80 Lug Links

DS094 G80 Welded Master Link Assembly A-347

DS092 G80 Master Link Assembly A-345

Grade 80 Welded Master Link A-344

DS091 G80 Master Links A-342

DS033 G80 Forged Master Link







G80 Alloy Swivels, Bolt & Nuts


G80 Alloy Swivels, Eye Bolt & Nuts

DS322 G80 Swivel With Tapered Roller Thrust Bearing Eye-Eye Type

DS054 G80 Eye Screw Din 580

DS273 G80 Eye Bolt

DS055 G80 Eye Nut

DS054 G80 Eye Screw

DS029 G80 G401 Chain Swivel

DS471 G80 Eye Screw

DS491 G80 G400 Swivel Ring

DS283 G80 Forged Swivel With Bearing

DS244 G80 NSV Special Lifting Eye Bolt

DS263 G80 Forged VRC Swivel

DS303 G80 Muti-Directional Using Lifting Swivel

DS256 G80 Long Loop Lifting Eye Blots

DS246 G80 Forged Eye Swivel

DS031 G80 Forged Regular Swivels

DS030 G80 Eye Nuts

G80 Grade Eye Nut

DS120 G80 LFS Swivel

Grade 80 Chain Swivel


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