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Ratchet tie downs, ratchet straps, cargo lashing China Manufactuer supplier Ratchet tie downs
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DAWSON GROUP LTD. >> Transport & Load Restraint >> Ratchet Straps EU/AS/NZS >> Ergo Ratchet Tie Downs, Ergonomic Ratchet Straps, Cargo Lashing - China Supplier, Factory

Ergo Ratchet Tie Downs

Ergo Ratchet Tie Downs, Ergonomic Ratchet Straps, Cargo Lashing - China Supplier, Factory

Product Name:Ergo Ratchet Tie Downs

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Long-lever Ergo ratchet Straps, Ergonomic Ratchet Straps,  Ergo ratchet tie down, 

Ergo ratchet lashing, Ergo ratchet straps, Long Handle Ergo Type Ratchet Tie Down

Long-lever Ergo ratchet Straps,Ergonomic Ratchet Straps - China Manufacturer Supplier



ergo ratchet buckles - China Manufacturer Supplier

Ergonomic Ratchet Buckles - China Manufacturer Suppliers

Long Handle Ergo Type Ratchet Buckles - China Manufacturer Supplier Dawson Made

Ergo ratchet lashing Ratchet Buckle - China Manufacturer Supplier

ERGO TENSILE RATCHET LASHING STRAPS,Ratchet Buckle - China Manufacturer Supplier

Ratchet Buckles,Long Handle Ergo Ratchet Buckle - China Manufacturer Supplier


DG-EN-ERS-WH500020 5000kg x 20m Ergo Ratchet Strap Wire Hook 5000Kgs
DG-EN-ERS-WH500018 5000kg x 18m Ergo Ratchet Strap Wire Hook 5000Kgs
DG-EN-ERS-WH500015 5000kg x 15m Ergo Ratchet Strap Wire Hook 5000Kgs
DG-EN-ERS-WH500012 5000kg x 12m Ergo Ratchet Strap Wire Hook 5000Kgs
DG-EN-ERS-WH500010 5000kg x 10m Ergo Ratchet Strap Wire Hook 5000Kgs
DG-EN-ERS-WH50009 5000kg x 9m Ergo Ratchet Strap Wire Hook 5000Kgs
DG-EN-ERS-WH50008 5000kg x 8m Ergo Ratchet Strap Wire Hook 5000Kgs
1) material: 100% polyester
2) webbing width: 50mm
3) safety factor: 2:1
4) Capacity: 5T
5) manufactured according to DIN EN12195-2
6) color: according to your requirement
7) end fittings: double J hook, claw hook, triangle hook or other hook you required
8) ergo ratchet, long handle pull type
9) breaking load of the webbing: 7500 kgs.
Customer's requirement is available!!
Sometimes you may heard of some one talking about ergo ratchet tie down, ergo ratchet lashing.
They are not a common name in China, usually we say longer ratchet tie down, long lever ratchet tie downs, as the ratchet buckle is longer than normal one, so we call it longer ratchet tie down.
In the activity of business, there are clients from worldwide, everyone may have different names for a same product, just for the ratchet tie down, we have heard of ratchet straps, ratchet lashing, fastlash, tie down straps, cargo lashing, cargo control systems, web lashing, car lashing, tent straps, webbing load restraint systems, and so on, the ratchet tie down is the most common name.
In order to avoid any mistake, we think it’s better to provide photo for each other to check. Wish everyone can buy the ideal ratchet tie down products from Dawson Group Ltd.
DAWSON manufacture supply all kinds of ratchet tie down with high quality and competitive price to meet your lashing safety. More information, please contact us : info@dawson-group.com

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