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China Dawson Industry - Casting, Stamping, Machining

Dawson  Mechanical fitting CO.,Ltd was established in 1992, After more than 10 years of sustained and rapid development,The company has 30 million yuan of fixed assets and the annual production value is 60 million yuan, Company production of all types of machinery parts 10000000.

It occupies 60000 square meters . Die formed a set design and development, die-casting, injection molding, stamping, welding, assembly and integration of mechanical parts for manufacturing enterprises.
The company possesses about 100 equipments ,Such as 500-6.3t 、315 tons hydraulic presses,digital laser cutter,digital punch ,digital bender,and mould-making equipment. There are 300 employees in the corporation,including 40 high –grade professionals.

Companies always will be "persistent, as stable as Mount Tai" as a business philosophy, "entrepreneurial innovation pragmatic integrity" Hengtai spirit and the "rapid reaction immediate action" Hengtai style management philosophy has always run through the work .
Companies with sheet metal stamping molding, sheet metal drawing, riveting, welding, welding, CNC high-power laser cutting, bending, and other special-shaped scratch of advanced production technology.

We will be fully Dawson Mechanical fitting Company fight caused China's most competitive machinery parts maker.
In conclusion, welcome clients and friends from home and abroad to have contact with us via telephone or e-mail, visit, guidance and negotiation are all available. We will provide you with top-grade products and excellent service!


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