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DAWSON GROUP LTD. >> Information >> How to inquiry DAWSON 's lifting and rigging products

How to inquiry DAWSON 's lifting and rigging products

How to Make an INQUIRY to DAWSON  for lifting rigging products?

TO SAVE YOU AND OUR COMMUNICATION TIMES:  DAWSON  Aims to you a fast reply at any time so we ask you;
Before make an inquiry to Dawson Group, please try your best to give us more detail as more as you can.
Do not only one line description.
Try to inform us the below content when you make the inquiry for DAWSON give you the fast reply/offer/quotation.
iTEM NO. IS NECESSARY if mentioned in our website
a) Detail of the products description.
b) What kind of Standard, If non Standard We kindly ask you to send us the drawing. (We accept the Customer Size/standard With some certain quantity.)
c) Item Number. (if no Item no. please attached our website links)
d) Size and Quantity.
e) Material, (Different material with different using purpose)
f) Finish: Self corlor or E-galv. Or Hot Dipped Galv. Or painted or Power Coating
g) Packing ( if you have special demand, usually we use cartons/boxes/bags and then on pallets.)
H) Port of Discharge If you need a price based CIF delivery term.

Usually please let us know the Item No. (if you make the choose from our website
And for those stainless steel products, must be stated the material AISI304 OR AISI316.

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