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Marine & Rigging hardware coating and surfaces

Stainless Steel is passivated to remove processing impurities from the surface which may corrode. If additional processing such drilling or grinding is done to a part after it is passivated, small chips of drilling or grinding tools may be imbedded in the surface of the steel, which may themselves corrode, falsely creating the appearance that the base metal is corroding.
Grinding and Polishing is the most common means of surface finishing stainless steel and bronze items. Parts finished with this process are done by hand so there may be slight variation between parts.
Chromium Plating is a very hard and durable non-tarnishing finish which is applied to brass, bronze and zinc items. It typically includes a three step process of applying copper, nickel and chromium.
Painted finishes for marine applications are usually a two part catalyzed finish for excellent durability and corrosion resistance, usually on steel and aluminum parts. 

Powder Coating is a finish which is applied by electrically charging steel and aluminum parts and the urethane powder to allow a uniform coating and then baking for a tough, durable skin.
Hot Dipped Galvanized finishes are applied by immersing parts in molten zinc and are common on cast iron parts. Zinc is a sacrificial coating which migrates to scars and scratches resulting from use to protect the base metal from contact with water and moisture. [
Electro galvanizing is a process used to protect smaller steel parts with a zinc coating.

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