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DAWSON GROUP LTD. >> Information >> Sling Guard Treatment-Webbing slings,round slings

Sling Guard Treatment-Webbing slings,round slings

Sling Guard Treatment

Sling Guard treatment increases abrasion resistance up to 50% and minimizes absorption of liquids and dirt into the fabric to prolong service life. This treatment also increases the coefficient of friction, which is advantageous when handling loads with slippery surfaces.

Reinforced Sling Eyes
When sling eyes are subject to damage on a specific application,or with metal fittings leather strip or webbing reinforcements can be sewn into the eyes of the slings to increase sling life.
Protective Boots
Sleeve type boots that slide over the sling are recommended to protect slings from sharp corners, edges and rough surfaces. The boot does not shift when the load is lifted. Sling Guard treated boots are also available.

Protective Wear Pads

Wear pads Cordura webbing or leather can be sewn to most slings for additional wear resistance and sling protection. Sling can be furnished with wear pads on both sides.
Protective Edge guard
A strip of Corduroy webbing can be sewn around each edge of the sling for certain applications where the sling edges may be subject to damage.

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